Monte Jacobs is no stranger to pet nutrition. As a professional greyhound breeder and racer, his team had tried just about everything to keep their animals in great physical health. After years of searching for a universal product that met all of his dogs' nutritional needs, he came up empty handed. 

"I wanted something that would be suitable for all phases of my dogs' lives," Jacobs says. "I experimented with different supplements, but wasn't convinced they were covering all the bases. My dogs give me their all, and I wanted to give them the best that I could."

So Monte joined forces with a company called Tracer Minerals to develop a custom product now known as MAXPRO Nutrition. He and the Tracer team met numerous times, and their team of chemists help research and develop the best possible formula of chelated minerals that would improve growth rates in young dogs, shorten recovery times for race dogs, and improve joint health and physical appearance for long term health. Out of that research was born MAXPRO - a product that accomplished Monte's goal for racing dogs, but also had universal appeal for all types of pets as well.

Within a few short weeks, the results of using MAXPRO are evident. This product is something Monte and his team still use daily with their kennel operation, as well as supplementing at Wheeling Downs in West Virginia and Palm Beach, Florida. 

"We wouldn't operate without it, and so many other people tell us how happy they are with the results in their pets as well," Jacobs says. "We are confident that your dog will benefit from this product too. See the MAXPRO difference!"